Projector Web

Projector Web is our website based portal. It is used for pretty much everything within Projector except for certain limited administrative functions such as configuring the system. For those limited uses, users log into the Management Portal. Keep checking back here though, because more and more functionality is bring brought to the web.

Your internet browser must have JavaScript and cookies enabled in order to use Projector Web.

Projector Web is reached by pointing your browser to


Once logged into Projector Web, the Topics bar allows you to jump to different functional areas of Projector. Click on to view them all. Then choose the area you want to visit.


These are areas of Projector Web that are tied to yourself and your projects.




The dashboard provides a high level view of your personal Projector account. Quickly access timesheets or expense reports requiring attention, view year-to-date time off, your schedule, and important announcements.

Expense Reports

Where you enter expenses against a project


Where you enter time against a project

Project Workspaces

Workspaces let you see your team members, coordinate and prioritize issues related to project delivery, share documents, and view invoicing data


These are areas of Projector that allow you to manage specific areas.

TimeThe time management area is where you are allowed to search for time cards. This area is accessible to all resources and any administrators who can browse projects, browse time, or approve time. Users with sufficient permissions can also approve, adjust, reject, and do more with time cards.


Additional Resources.




This is our legacy time, expense, and project workspaces area. Most people will never see this option. Clients who have not yet migrated to Projector Web can click here to access the 'old' way of doing things.

Management Portal

Where Projector administrative functions are typically performed. Click the link to launch or download the installer. Once installed, you can open Projector using your Start Menu.


The favorites menu is where you access items you have marked as important to you. The favorites menu contains two sections, Time Management and Workspaces. The time management area contains your favorite time searches. The workspaces area contains your favorite workspaces, sorted by client. 

To manage your favorites, visit the appropriate area, Time Cards or Project Workspaces, and tick or untick the yellow stars.

Change Password

Click on change password in the top right.

Use the following dialog to update your password. If you use Projector's management portal then changing your password here will also change it there.