Clients - Invoicing Summary

The client invoices tab shows a summary of issued invoices, draft invoices, and unbilled items. You can also view whether invoices are overdue, have been paid, or have been sent to the client. This is a read-only tab. To make edits to invoices you should go to the Invoice Browser.

Note: Only invoices that are associated with engagements that have an invoice scope set to "Client" will appear here.

Permissions and Settings

To view invoices you must have cost center permission View Projects or Maintain Projects and Engagements for the cost centers of the engagements. These permissions will allow you to view the invoices, the time and cost cards on the invoices, and the adjustments made to the invoices, but will not allow you to make any changes to the invoices or approve adjustments.

Client Invoicing Summary

The upper default view shows one line per invoice and the total invoice amount.

The lower default view shows one line per invoice and breaks out time, cost, milestone, and prepayment amounts.

Changes here will affect all clients that you view, but not the views of other Projector users.