Role - History

This tab displays a chronological, read-only account of a role's history on the project. Unsaved changes are not shown. Hours that have changed since the last history entry are shown in blue. In addition, all non-zero hours in the first row are shown in blue, indicating a change from zero hours. Projector tracks the following history items:

  • Which resource was booked
  • How many hours were requested and by whom
  • How many hours were booked and by whom

Requested resources are not tracked.

To view this area open any role and click the History tab.

Permissions and Settings

This is a read-only tab. Anyone who can view the role can view the history. You can view the role if you can view the project it is on. You can view a project if:

You cannot report on role history. 

Tracked Data

The following role history is tracked. 




The user that made the change.

Modified On

The date and time of the change.

Role Status

Request in Process

User Action Type

Result of Action

The change made, listed as Request Hours, Book Hours, or Assign Resource.


Hours Changes

Click the  icon to view the details of hours that were requested or booked. A summary by week is shown with changes made to hours.