Report Wizard Row Fields Tab

The Row Fields tab determines how you want to organize results from a report query. It complements the data fields tab. For example, you request the data field Contract Revenue, and then on this tab you ask that it be categorized by client and subcategorized by project. You can optionally show subtotals in the report for each category. If a field is crossed out, then it is has already been added to either this tab or the Page fields tab. You can still add crossed out fields. Projector automatically moves them between tabs.

Installation Specific Fields

User Defined Fields will be automatically added as available fields. Each is prepended with its entity type. For example, the Resource UDF School would appear in the list as Resource School.

Client tree level fields will also be automatically added. If you have two client levels defined with the names of Client and Subclient you will find each level duplicated. See the screenshot below for an example.