Engagement Report

One of the ways that you would drill into an engagement in more detail is by running an engagement report. The engagement report lets you gain detailed visibility into a particular engagement, regardless of when it started or ended (somewhat like the engagement portfolio report), but provides the additional detail available in the Ginsu report. This report is often used to drill into a single engagement to reveal additional detail about staffing, profitability, overruns, and comparisons to budget. The engagement report is the key report Project Managers typically use to manage individual projects.

Who this report is for

Engagement or Project managers looking to break down the details of a specific engagement. 

Questions this report can answer


Who were my most profitable employees on an engagement?

How has engagement profitability changed over the lifetime of the engagement?

Permissions and Settings

Users who can run this report:

The global permission View RDC is required to view the following fields:

  • Resource Direct Cost
  • Resource Direct Rate
  • Project Profit
  • Project Margin
  • Project ROI
  • Resource Profit
  • Resource Margin
  • Resource ROI

Prebuilt Reports

The following prebuilt reports may be available in your installation.



Engagement Profitability Report

This report delivers summary project profitability and percentage completion information for a group of selected engagements.

Engagement Rate Realization Report

This report allows the user to compare actual realized rates against the organization's standard rates and contracted rates for each project. The results allow the user to differentiate between revenue foregone due to discounting in the sales process versus revenue foregone due to overages and/or other delivery issues.

Engagement Resource Profitability Report

This report delivers a comparison of the revenue generated by each resource to the full cost of employing that resource over a configurable period of time. Note that doe to the particular sensitivity of the information generated by this report, that access to it is specifically configurable within Projector's user access/permissions subsystem.

Person Hours by Department Trend Chart

A line chart showing a line for each department. The line represents the number of hours worked by each department, broken down by week.