Cost Card Report

The Cost Card reporttakes each individual expense item and displays detailed information about it. This report is useful for finding expenses by:

  • Employee, Vendor invoice or Soft Cost
  • Client, Engagement, Project or Resource
  • Draft, Unapproved or Approved
  • Date Ranges
  • Any combination of the above

Who this report is for

Finance and project managers. 

Questions this report can answer


What expenses were submitted by a specific employee?

How much have we paid a vendor?

Permissions and Settings



Run Cost Card Report

A cost center permission that allows you to see Expenses, Payment Vouchers and Soft Costs

Engagement Manager

Engagement managers can see expenses for all projects in their engagements

Project Manager

PM's can see expenses for their projects. PMs must use the engagements in cost center option rather than the disbursing cost center option.

Prebuilt Reports

The following prebuilt reports may be included in your installation.



Expense Approval Audit Report

For each expense show the day it was approved and who it was approved by

VAT Audit Report

Reports each expense item's incurred amount without VAT and the VAT amount

Cost Card Listing

Reports basic information on expense items individually, by expense report or by payment voucher