Variance Report

shows your historical actuals and projections in the past

The variance report shows you historical actuals and projections in the past. While that may sound like an odd thing to do, it turns out to be quite useful if you want to compare what you were projecting to do versus what you actually did. For example, if you projected you were going to generate $12 million in revenue last quarter, but you only did $10 million, you might ask yourself a few questions. Was it because your implementation teams worked fewer hours? Were you able to bill fewer of those hours than you expected? Which projects, clients, teams, or departments were responsible for the majority of the shortfall? Answers to all of these questions are at your fingertips with the variance report.

Who is this report for?

Project managers

Questions this report can answer


How well did I plan this project? What did I expect to happen and what actually happened?

Where did my planning begin to go wrong for this project?

Permissions and Settings

To run this report type you must have the cost center permission Run Ginsu and Schedule Variance Report.

In addition, Engagement managers, Project managers, and Can Act as PM users can all run the Variance report and see time/cost on their own projects. You must search using engagements in cost center to return any results in this case.

Prebuilt Reports

Report Name


Schedule Variance Report

For each resource on a project show what was planned, what was reported and the difference between the two.