Clients - Invoice Distribution

Invoice Distribution allows you to notify your clients by email when they have an invoice. Invoices can be attached to the email, appended to the end of the email, or uploaded to Projector's servers so that they are accessible over the web. For more information on enabling this feature, please see How do I email my invoices?

Permissions and Settings

To view clients, users must have the global permission to view clients.

To update clients, users must have the global permission to update clients.

Invoice Distribution

On invoice creation, apply these settings to the invoice distribution tab. Note: These options are only activated if the installation has the invoice distribution module turned on.

Invoice Distribution Format
  • Upload invoice to project workspaces - Your client can log into the employee portal workspace to download a copy of the invoice. It is common to store past invoices here too.
  • Include invoice as attacment - A PDF of the invoice is attached to the email. Attachments are limited to 15mb
  • Embed invoice as HTML in e-mail -  The invoice is converted to HTML and is included as part of your email
Email SenderThis is the From person on emails sent from Projector. The search field only returns registered emails. See How do I email my invoices? for more information on registering emails.
Email TemplateThe email template should correspond to the radio button you chose under the Invoice Distribution Format section. For example, if you chose to include the invoice as an attachment, your email might read, "Please find your invoice attached to this email."
Email Recipients

Specify who should receive emailed invoices.

Recipients must have a user account in Projector. Make sure that when you create new user accounts you flag them as Client users.