The Topic of the Day: Invoicing webinar is a great resource to learn all about creating invoices on Projector Management Portal.
Watch the May 2021 Release Overview Webinar to learn more about invoicing on the web (go to 07:30).

The Invoices link is primarily used by the Finance Manager and staff to browse, create, review, adjust, and issue invoices. Depending on your Projector configuration, Project Managers and Management team members may also use the Invoices tab to create, review, and approve invoices related to their projects.

This page provides general information about invoices. Please see the Edit and How-To sections for hands on examples.

The Invoices link gives you access to:

  • all issued, draft, and deleted invoices
  • bulk create, approve, issue, void, distribute, mark paid, and download invoices
  • re-render invoices

Edit an invoice:



Invoicing FAQ

The Invoices area can be reached by browsing to or by clicking Financials | Invoices. 

Permissions and Settings

To view invoices in read-only mode you need the cost center permission View Projects for all projects on the invoice.

To create an invoice you must have:

To issue an invoice:

To void an invoice:

Invoice Approvals

Each invoice can require up to three approvals before it can be issued or deleted. 

  • Project Manager Approval
  • Finance Approval
  • Management Approval

Project Manager Approval

One of the following:

Note that even though a resource is a PM, s/he may find that they cannot approve an invoice. In a multi-engagement or multi-project invoice, the resource must be a project manager on ALL projects in ALL engagements for the invoice. As an engagement manager the resource must be the engagement manager for all engagements on the invoice. A workaround may be to change invoicing from engagement level to project level.

Finance Approval

One of the following:

Management Approval

Management Approval is required when the net effect of adjustments on the invoice results exceeds a fixed amount or percentage. Set thresholds on the System Settings Billing tab.

The list of approvers is composed of people with the cost center permission Management Approval of Invoices.

Invoice Templates

Each invoice is fully customizable to show, group, and sort data the way your clients need to see it. To edit invoice templates see System Settings Editor Billing Tab

You need the global permission Invoice Templates set to update. For more information on how to edit templates see the Template Editor documentation.

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