Report Types

Projector includes twenty seven different types of reports. Choosing the correct report type is important for getting the right kind of data out of Projector. This page and its child pages help guide you towards choosing the correct type.

Each report type presents different kinds of information. Some reports will offer information about engagements, while others will offer information about resource utilization or project profitability. Read each report description below to learn more about it and how it can help you. You may also find our blog posts on choosing the correct report type helpful.

Choosing the Correct Report Type

Customizing Your Report

The Topic of the Day: Reporting Overview webinar is a great resource to learn all about Projector's different reports.

  • Accounting Analysis Reportprovides a detailed breakdown of the transactions that will be sent or have been sent to your accounting system
  • Accounting Balances Reportgenerate periodic accounting balances in order get a better view of the financials and WIP remaining in accounts
  • Audit Trail Reporttrack changes made to your installation
  • Baseline Variance Reportcompares performance of projects against baselines
  • Client Report extract data about your your clients in Projector
  • Cost Card Reporttakes each individual expense item and displays detailed information about it
  • Engagement Portfolio Reporthigh level report used to view all engagements that are active at a particular moment in time. Use this report to discover how all engagements are performing
  • Engagement ReportOne of the ways that you would drill into an engagement in more detail is by running an engagement report. The engagement report lets you gain detailed visibility into a particular engagement, regardless of when it started or ended (somewhat like the engagement portfolio report), but provides the additional detail available in the Ginsu report
  • Forecast Accuracy Reportmeasure and improve your hours forecasting
  • Ginsu Reportproviding both high-level and detailed insight into staffing, revenue, profitability, resource borrowing and loaning for a specific time period. 
  • Invoice Milestone Reportprovides a listing of all the billing milestones created on engagements as well as whether or not they have been invoiced
  • Invoice Reportprovides details about invoices in your installation
  • Issue Reportgives you a quick look at all issues on projects
  • Project List Reportshows budget, client, engagement, invoice and project settings.
  • Project Portfolio Report
  • Project Role Reportdisplay data about roles on your projects
  • Rate Card Reportshows information about a selected rate card, all rate cards, or all active rate cards
  • RDC Rate Card Reportshows information about a selected RDC rate card, all RDC rate cards, or all active RDC rate cards
  • Resource Report find metadata about resources
  • Resource Schedule Reportview bookings for a fixed number of weeks
  • Task Analysis Reportexport task plan baselines in report format
  • Time Card Reportshows information about specified time cards in the system
  • Time Transfer Reportpresents information about time transferred between projects or within a project
  • Unbilled Time and Cost Aging Reportpresents unbilled time and cost card amounts in user-defined time buckets
  • User Reportreview user types, assigned cost centers, and user permissions
  • Utilization Reportfocuses on resources and displays their utilization by percent, hours, whole resource profit, and missing time
  • Variance Reportshows your historical actuals and projections in the past
  • Session Listing Report