Resource Schedule Report

The Resource Schedule report is very similar to the Resourcing Dashboard. You specify a start date, and Projector displays all bookings for a fixed number of weeks going forward. Unlike most of our other reports, the output is neither a pivot table nor a flat spreadsheet. Rather, it is a custom Excel worksheet with headings built in. It is really a visual way to consume resource schedules. If you are looking for a more data-centric means of looking at booked hours, the utilization and ginsu reports are better choices.


Who is this report for?

Resource managers

Questions this report can answer


Who has time off scheduled for the next two months?

What projects is a resource scheduled on and what hours will they be working?

Permissions and Settings

To run this report you must have the cost center permission Run Resource Report. The PM Team can also run this report.

Prebuilt Reports

Report Name


Resource Schedule Grid

Creates a grid with each project/role/resource and when those resources are scheduled to work