RDC Rate Card Report

The RDC (Resource Direct Cost) Card Reportshows information about a selected RDC rate card, all RDC rate cards, or all active RDC rate cards. This information includes cost centers where each RDC rate card is used.

Only parent cost centers will be reported on (as the 'Used on' data field) in the RDC Usage report. For example, if you have a cost center called 'Auto' using RDC rate card '2011 Auto' and 3 sub-level cost centers ('Ford', 'Honda' and 'BMW') using the RDC of 'Auto' only 'Auto' will be reported.

Who is this report for?

Operations and Business managers

Questions this report can answer


What is the RDC for a specific department/title combination?

What cost centers are using what RDC rate card? }

Permissions and Settings

This report requires the global permission Rate Card Report.

Prebuilt Rate Card Reports

The following prebuilt reports may be available in your installation.



RDC Card Listing – All RDC Cards

Lists all RDC cards, their currency and status

Standard Resource Direct Costs Listing

Simply lists every department, title and hourly rate

Standard Resource Direct Costs Usage

Lists begin/end dates and discount on each cost center