Administration Tab

The Administration tab is composed of five sections called headings, each with its own subsections. The tab covers an enormous amount of functionality, so you should visit the help pages for each subsection for detailed help. See the list below for a quick explanation of all the subsections.

Access the Administration console by choosing View | Administration

Permissions and Settings

There are many permissions that govern access to individual sections of the Administration tab. In general, you need the global permission System Settings set to View in order to browse. Set it to Update to make changes. Visit the individual sections for specific permissions that govern access.


General installation configuration settings. If setting up a new installation it makes sense to walk through each of these sections.

Organizational Structure

Setup companies, cost centers, and locations. 

  • Company Editormanage entities with distinct GL accounts, different currencies, and default taxes
  • Cost Center Editormodel your organization's structure as a multi-tiered hierarchy
  • Location and Holiday Editormanage the locations of your own company's facilities and resources in addition to the locations of your clients and projects

Rate Management

Define your departments, titles, external billing rates, and internal employee costs.

Users & Resources

Manage users, user types, resources, and resource types. User profiles control permissions. Resource profiles control the ability to enter time, expenses, or be scheduled on projects. User Types allow you to group like users together and manage their permissions as one. Resource Types allow you to group like workers together for reporting purposes, like contractors and interns.

Job Accounting

Job accounting ends up being a bit of a catch all. It contains a variety of settings that are used across your installation. As with the setup heading, it is useful to review all these settings when creating a new installation.