System Settings Editor

The System Settings area encompasses several subtabs that govern very basic areas of Projector functionality. Typically these settings are set during initial installation configuration and only modified when there are process changes or basic company information has been updated.

This area is reached by from the Administration Tab | Setup heading | System Settings subsection. Click the Edit button in the lower right.

Permissions & Settings

Viewing or updating the System Settings editor requires the global permission System Settings.

First Date of Week

When entering time, scheduling, or running reports, this is the first day of the week. This is a read only setting because changing the day in the middle of someone's session could cause problems. For example, if you are scheduling time for the week beginning on Monday and then the first day of the week is changed to Tuesday. Does the time go into the previous week or the next week? For this reason, changing the first day of the week can only be done by contacting support. The support team may have to wait until off-hours to make the change or forcibly end any existing user sessions before making the change.