Search MP

When searching in Projector fields, you can do special searches like AND, OR, and Wildcard by specifying a special character. Please see the table below for specific examples.

Search Type Special Character Example Search Example Results 
ANDspaceFred SmithMatch if a field contains both words in any order. Acts like AND. This search phrase is true for both Fred Smith and Smith Fred.
ORpipeFred | SmithMatch if a field contains either word. Acts like OR. This search phrase is true for Fred or Smith.
AND ORspaces and pipeFred Smith | Mary JonesMatch if a field contains both Fred and Smith in any order or if the field contains both Mary and Jones in any order.
Wildcardunderscore or question markFred_Smith 
A single wild character. This would match for Fred Smith, but also matches FredQSmith.
Multiple Wildcardpercent or asterix


Multiple wild characters. This would match for FredSmithFred SmithFredQSmith and Fred Jonathan Smith.

Memorize Search 

The following tabs will remember your search query.

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  • Reports
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  • Resource Dashboard
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