Standard Task Types Editor

Standard task types are a high level structure used to categorize tasks performed on a project. When configuring standard tasks you should think about what low level tasks can be grouped together. For example, on all projects you may have quality assurance phases of test planning, plan execution, and plan results. These are all grouped under the standard task type of QA. Standard task types are used in conjunction with the Engagement Types Editor - there you will choose which low level tasks are created by default for projects. These low level tasks are then mapped to Rate Types. This streamlines the project creation process and ensures that projects have the correct high level tasks, broken out by low-level tasks and that are charged at the correct rate. In keeping with Projector's flexible billing system, these settings can then be overridden on a per project basis.

You can reach this screen by navigating to Administration Tab | Job Accounting | Standard Task Types and clicking the edit button.

Control or Column



Choose a descriptive name for the work that will be performed

Task Type Code

The task type code should remain consistent whenever possible. This allows you to change the name without having to worry about mixing up your reports.


Inactive task types are not available when configuring engagement types. However, if an engagement type is currently set to use the task type then it will continue using it. To completely inactivate a task type, edit each engagement type and remove the task type. In addition, any pre-existing projects will continue to have this task type available as an option.

Arrow Buttons

These determine the order in which task types are displayed in dropdown lists


Create a new task type. Just fill in the row before clicking Save


Deletes the row


Exit without saving changes