Engagement Type - Task Types Tab

This tab specifies the default task types for new projects in engagements of this type. Task Types are applied to entered time for categorization and for controlling contract/billing rates. Categorizing gives you access to a granular break down of time. You can then leverage task types on your invoices – providing a detailed work breakdown to clients. Or you can use the categories for reports to see what types of work were done. Task types are tied to contract/billing rates through rate types. As your resources enter time they will enter the appropriate rate (Overtime, No Charge, etc). By tying the two together, you control what types of work can modify rates.

This tab is reached from Administration Tab | Job Accounting Subsection | Engagement Types | Edit Engagement Type | Task Types Tab

Permissions and Settings

To edit Engagement Types you need the global permission Maintain System Settings set to update.

Options under the Allowed Rate Type column are defined in the Standard Rate Type Editor.

Options under the Standard Task Type column are defined in the Standard Task Types Editor.

Using the Form

These task types are only used for prepopulating new projects under engagements of this type. Once the task types are created, your PM's can modify them, delete them, or add new ones as long as the stage based permission Edit Tasks and Task Types is enabled. You will find all the task types defined here prepopulate the Project Task Types Tab. In addition, the Project Rates Tab is prepopulated based on the Allowed Rate Types chosen for each task type.


To add a new task type click New at the bottom of the grid.


To delete a task type click Delete for the grid row. Delete does remove a task type from existing projects. Deletion from existing projects will need to be done manually through the project editor.


You may change the display order of the default task types, allowing you to sort them by type, department, or any other way you prefer. Select a row and press the up/down buttons to reorder.




Task Type

The name of the task. Your resources will choose this task type in their time entry screens.

Standard Task Type

Standard task types are a high level structure used to categorize tasks performed on a project. When configuring standard tasks you should think about what low level tasks can be grouped together. For example, on all projects you may have quality assurance phases of test planning, plan execution, and plan results. These task types are all grouped under the standard task type of QA.

Default Rate Type

Standard rates types are specified by your resources when entering time. The chosen rate type then modifies the default contract rate and billing adjusted rate for that time. In this way your resource could choose a regular rate or an overtime rate for the work done.

Allowed Rate Type(s)

Rate types are specified by your resources when entering time. Tick the checkbox for each type that should be allowed. For example, set one type of work to allow overtime charges, while disallowing another.

Descriptions Required

Tick this checkbox if resources are required to provide a description about their time