Engagement Projects Tab

Projector Web

You can now create, edit, and delete Create Engagement Contract and Project Wizard through Projector Web.

The Projects tab's primary use is for creating new projects. It also displays all the projects under this engagement along with some high level details.

The projects tab is reached by opening an engagement or project and choosing the Engagement Tab | Projects subtab

Permissions and Settings

To create new projects you must have one of the following permissions

Create Project

Click the New Project button on the last line of the grid. 

This create a new project and brings you to the Project Info Tab.


The grid display one row for each project under this engagement. A few high level details are displayed. All of these details are defined on the Project Info Tab.

Column Description
Project Code 
Project Name 
StageStages determine a range of permissions at both the engagement and project levels
Project ManagerThere can be multiple PMs on a project, this field display the primary PM. Change or add PMs from the Project Info Tab.
LocationLocations are determined
... (ellipsis)Switches to the project's info tab