QuickBooks Synchronize Wizard

This form is used for transmitting data between Projector and Quickbooks. Three different types of data can be sent - accounting data, clients, and vendors. Accounting data is sent one way from Projector to QuickBooks, with Projector acting as an accounting sub-ledger. Clients and vendors can be cross-synced. This page shows you how to start a sync and push data for each of these types.

This form is reached by going to the Integration tab | QuickBooks subsection | Accounting Synchronization and clicking the Synchronize Accounting button.

Permissions and Settings

Before you can proceed you need the following:

  1. The QuickBooks module enabled
  2. Your installation is connected to QuickBooks (Desktop Edition or Online Edition)
  3. Your user has the global permission Accounting System Interface set to Update

The option to Force Dates is only shown if the account setting Allow Specification of Force Dates Setting is enabled.
The format of the data sent to QuickBooks can be managed from the Account Settings Editor.

Start a Sync

Follow these steps to open the synchronization wizard.

  • Go to your Integration tab | QuickBooks subsection | Choose Desktop Edition or Online Edition
  • Choose the company you wish to send transactions for
    • If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Edition, make sure the company file is open
  • Click Synchronize Wizard

Once you start a sync, there are three tabs. They sync Clients, Resources, and Accounting Transactions respectively. Visit these help pages to learn more.