This tab is where you manage the transactions that Projector plans to push to your accounting package. Transactions are split amongst three areas, AR, AP, and GL. Each area shows detailed information about each set of transactions that will be transmitted to your accounting system. For example, the accounting period, accounts that are hit, and amounts that will be pushed. In addition you can override mappings, change accounting periods, and modify transaction status. See each individual section for more details about what you can accomplish here.

Transactions will hit an accounting period in the following scenarios:

  • Time cards - On their work date
  • Cost cards - On their incurred date
  • Invoices - On their issue date as defined on the Invoice Editor MP - Invoice Tab
  • Payment Vouchers - On their issue date

Additional Resources

  1. In the Topic of the Day: Accounting Overview Webinar, we provide a general overview of accounting within Projector and provided examples of some of the most common accounting transactions that Projector generates and can be transmitted over to an accounting system. (go to 10:58)

To reach this heading, choose View | Integration and then press the Transactions heading button. It includes buttons that open the following forms: