How do I delete this project

In order to delete a project the following conditions must be met.

  1. Time or cost cards have never been transferred to another project via preinvoicing adjustments You can use a Time Transfer Report to find out if cards have ever been transferred.
  2. No time or cost cards submitted or approved on the project. You can run a Cost Card Report and a Time Card Report to find existing cards.
  3. No active roles on the roles tab. Deleted roles are okay. See the help grid below for more details about deleting roles.
  4. No achieved milestones. View milestones on the Engagement Contract Tab.
  5. Has never had a draft invoice created and has no existing invoices. You can find existing invoices from the Invoice Browser. There is no customer facing means of finding deleted invoices. If you have checked all other options, then it is likely an invoice was created at some point and later deleted. Please see Closing Instead of Deleting below.

Error Messages on Delete

Error Message

Possible Causes


Roles currently exist on the project.

Delete the roles from the Project Roles Tab. You can delete a role by right clicking it and choosing Delete. If the delete role option is unavailable then see How do I delete this role

This dialog is thrown for multiple reasons:

  • Time or Cost cards are submitted or approved on the project.
  • Time or Cost cards have been transferred to another project using preinvoicing adjustments
  • A draft invoice was created at any point

You may reject or set all time/cost cards to draft. If preinvoicing adjustments have been performed the project is impossible to delete. If an invoice has ever been created it is impossible to delete.

Close Instead of Delete

If you are unable to delete a project you can close it instead. Set the project stage to Closed. This will close the project for time/expense entry. To learn more about the Closed stage see the Stage Editor