Search FAQ

There are a bunch of places you can execute search from in Projector and they all operate a little bit differently. Rather than try to explain all the differences here, this page links out to the documentation areas that explain how a particular search area works.

Projector Web

In Projector Web we use something called Flex Search. Flex search is the most recent incarnation of our search technology. It is intuitive and easy to use. 

Flex Search and Smart Grid

Management Portal

In Management Portal, many of our dashboards and browsers feature search fields. You can execute smart searches by using special search characters like |, _, and %.

Search MP


You'll find yourself searching or filtering results in Reporting from two areas.


Most reports include a Parameters tab. From this tab you can run a query to narrow your search results.

Report Wizard Parameter Fields Tab

Report Filters

Report filters let you narrow down results just like the parameters tab, but is targeted at specific fields. You can search based on date ranges, number ranges, values, and more. You can also use special search characters here like |, _, and %.

Report Wizard Filter Fields Tab


If you upload resume documents to describe a resource, then the contents of those files can be searched. For example, search a word doc for the word "project manager." 

Resource Resumes