Use Actuals Through Date

In Projector we have the concept of the Use Actuals Through Date. This is an extremely important date that determines which numbers are brought into reports and dashboards. If you don't understand this date, then you likely don't understand the numbers in your reports and dashboards!

When using Projector you have historical data that is entered by resources. You also have forecasting data that is typically entered by managers. The combination of historical actuals and forecasted projections give you your total picture. The date where you change from actuals to projections is called the Use Actuals Through Date.

You can set that date in reports and projects to view the world at different points in time. Pretend you have a report for this year. If you set the UATD to the beginning of this year, you'll only be looking at projections for this year. Set it to the end of the year and you'll only be looking at actuals. Set it to somewhere in between and you'll get a mix.

What are actual time and expenses? Any time or cost card that has been approved. If it isn't approved, then it doesn't exist. Some reports give you the option to include unapproved cards as well.

What is projected time? Time that has been booked on a project. Requests are not included, but some reports give you the option to include requests as well.

What is projected expense? Expenses enumerated in your cost plan.