Time Zones

This page tells you how reports are affected by time zones.

This page will often reference a user's time zone. A user's time zone is set on their user profile. By default, it is the same as their installation's time zone, but it can be changed.


Time and Expense Entry

Time and Expense entry uses your browser's time zone to determine what "today" is. Your browser's time zone should be determined by your computer's operating system. If you change your computer's time zone, you'll likely need to restart your browser to see Projector pick up the changes.


Manual Reports

You manually run a report by opening it up, and clicking the Submit button.

If your report has logical dates selected like Last Month, This Week, or Today - then those are translated into real dates. The user's time zone is used to convert the logical dates into real dates. For example, if your report is set for "Today", then "Today" is defined by the current time in their time zone.


Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports are run automatically according to their schedule. The schedule can be viewed or edited by opening the report and going to the Scheduling tab.

When a scheduled report is saved, we also save the user's time zone with it. A user's time zone can be found on their user profile. The report will run on a set schedule based on that saved time zone. For example, if the report runs every day at 3pm, then it will run at 3pm in the saved time zone.

As with manual reports, logical dates will be converted to real dates based on the saved time zone.

In general, unless your user is switching time zones a lot, everything will be based on the user's time zone.

Reports saved prior to 2011 do not have saved time zones. These run according to the user's current time zone. That means if the user switched time zones, the report would run according to the new time zone, not the old one.


Date Fields in Reports

Timestamp fields will be converted to the user's time zone. For example, the following report fields will be converted to your user's time zone.

  • Last Updated On
  • Created On
  • Changed On
  • Unlock Time

Some date fields are not affected by your time zone. For example,

  • Time Card Work Date
  • Cost Card Incurred Date
  • Project Start Date
  • Project End Date