Payment Voucher Browser

Payment Vouchers are the vehicle by which Projector reimburses resources or pays vendors. If your organization wishes to perform the following actions, you'll likely find yourself visiting the payment voucher browser.

  • use company issued credit cards
  • perform credit card reconciliations
  • pay multiple expense reports with a single payment
  • pay a single expense report with multiple payments

Organizations that don’t require these capabilities will not need to work with Payment Vouchers at all since Projector will automatically create and manage them directly.

The payment voucher browser can be reached by choosing View Menu | Time and Expense | Payment Voucher Browser.

Permissions and Settings

You must have the Administer Expense Document Payment Workflow permission enabled for the an expense document's cost center to view, approve, or change the status of payment vouchers.


Payment vouchers have a specific naming convention. When you mark a payment voucher Paid from Cost Approvals, the payment voucher name is based on the name of the source expense document.  

Source Expense DocumentVoucher Name

If you manually create a payment voucher, there will be no prefix or postfix. For example, PV00023. *Special note about Projector Web - payment vouchers for company credit cards do not generate prefix/postfix, while ones created here do.

Manage Payment Vouchers

Common actions when managing payment vouchers.


There are two ways to create payment vouchers. One way is to mark an expense Paid through Cost Approvals. This creates a payment voucher named after the expense document.

The second way is to go to this form, the payment voucher browser, and click Create Payment Vouchers from the multi-select dropdown.


Double click a payment voucher.


Right click the payment voucher and choose delete. PV must be in the Not Approved to Pay status in order to delete it.

Payment Voucher Browser

Use the query tools described below to locate specific Payment Vouchers.

Query Parameter


Search string

If blank, then it will be ignored by the query. If not blank, then the results will include a payment voucher only if string is found in the Payment Voucher Name, Expense Document, Vendor, or Resource fields.

Disbursing/credit cost center

Open the drop-down menu and choose the cost center from a tree structure presented. Cost centers for your organization are determined on the Cost Centers & Rollups admin form. Note that the results will only include payment vouchers in the specified cost center or that cost center's children.

Show vouchers for

Specify the document type you are interested in

Status-based filters

Check the box(es) in each approval workflow status to limit search results in your query for appropriate payment vouchers.

Include vouchers with status

Choices include Not Approved to Pay, Approved to Pay, Transmitted to A/P, Paid and Received.

Show vouchers created

Enables you to query within a specified date range for payment vouchers. If no dates are specified, then the date range will be ignored by the query.

The results of the query are displayed in the bottom half of the form. The default columns are detailed below. You can add and remove columns by choosing Customize Payment Voucher Browser from the mult-select dropdown list.

Column Title


Payment Voucher

The name of the Payment Voucher.

Date Created

The date on which the payment voucher was created.

Document Type

The type of document the voucher was created from, Expense Report or Vendor Invoice.

Document Number

The number assigned to this document This number will reference the corresponding Expense Report or Vendor Invoice.


The vendor or resource that is to be reimbursed.

Document Name

The name, typically from the original Expense Report or Vendor Invoice.

Vendor Invoice #

The code or number a vendor has assigned to an invoice needing payment


The resource that is to be paid.

Reconciliation Complete

If checked this indicates that cost cards in this payment voucher have been successfully reconciled with the associated vendor(s).

Unreconciled Amount

The total amount of those cost cards in this payment voucher that haven't been reconciled with the associated vendors(s).

Disbursed Amount

The disbursed amount paid.

Disbursed Currency

The currency in which the resource or vendor will be reimbursed.


The valid status options are Not Approved to Pay, Approved to Pay, Transmitted to A/P, Paid and Received.