You have time awaiting your approval

When you have time waiting to be approved by you, you may receive a reminder email from Projector. Emails are sent when time meets the following three criteria:

  • The time card is unapproved
  • The accounting period is open for the work date
  • Work date is < 52 weeks from current date

Example Email

This is the body of a typical email you will see from Projector. To approve the time, log into Management Portal and go to the Time Approval Tab

From: Projector OPS
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 5:18 AM
To: Jane Doe
Subject: You have time awaiting your approval

Dear Jane Doe,

You have time waiting for your approval:

Summary by week:

  • 21-May-2012 (10 hours)

Summary by project:

  • P001001: Rocket Propelled Roller Skates (10 hours)

Summary by resource:

  • Wile E. Coyote (1 hours)

Projector account: Revcorp-Tom (Revolutionary Solutions Corporation)

This email was automatically generated. Please do not reply directly to this message.

Email Senders

Emails are sent automatically by Projector according to configurable schedule that you define. Emails can be sent daily, weekly, monthly, or on set days. See the Time to Approve Alerts section of the System Settings Editor Time Tab.

Email Recipients

Anyone who is a valid approver for time will receive an email. There are a number of caveats in determining time approval recipients. You should see our Time and Expense Approval if you want to understand every aspect of who time approvers are. Here I provide a shorter explanation that catches most cases.

Project Time Approvers

Time approvers are set on the project info tab as pictured below. If it is set to Project Manager, and you are the Project Manager, then that is why you are receiving the email.

Time-Off Approvers

Time-Off uses the approval mechanism resource based approvers. Resource based approvers are people who have the cost center permission Approve Time off and Time on Projects with Cost Center-Based Approval. It also includes the specified approver under a resource's profile.

I Still Need Help

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Email Send Time

Emails are sent in the early morning of the recipient's time zone.