How do I migrate to a new rate card?

Additional Resources

  1. Topic of the Day: Rate Management Webinar provides an overview of moving to new rate cards. (go to 20:13)

  1. Create new rate card from the rate card editor. You may want to clone an existing rate card to save time.
  2. Next you will need to update all places in the system that use the old rate card. Run a Rate Card Report to find where the old rate card is used. This report will be your todo list for updates.
    1. Edit each Cost Center to default to the new rate card
    2. Edit each Client to default to the new rate card
    3. Edit each Project to use the new rate card for dates going forward. You may be prompted to revalue time cards that have been submitted for the effective dates of the new rate card. You can choose to revalue the cards or leave them be. Invoiced time cards cannot be revalued.