Downloading and Uploading Power BI reports to the Workspace

This document outlines the steps required to download a copy of a Power BI report and also uploading a Power BI pbix file back up to the workspace

To Download the .pbix File from the Power BI Workspace for Editing

From within the power BI report in the workspace, choose the option to download the pbix file.

Download Pbix file location

This message indicates that the file is being downloaded:

Download in progress message

Once downloaded, the file can be modified in Power BI desktop. It’s important to keep the file name the same (for re-uploading), but Projector recommends keeping dated backup copies to ensure that the latest version is uploaded to the workspace.

To Upload the pbix file to the Power BI Workspace

From the workspace main page, choose the option to “Upload a File”.

Upload Pbix file location

Since the file is stored locally, choose this option:

Store Locally

Select the file and make sure to keep the same file name, so that the file is replaced and not added.

Replace file

You will get this warning message:

Dataset with the same name exists - warning message

Once the file is uploaded, the data will attempt to refresh. Be sure to check that the refresh was successful. If there is an error with the refresh, it will appear as an icon here (indicated in the red box region).

Error with the refresh indicator

Save and apply.