You have skill updates from a resource awaiting your approval

When a resource updates their skill levels, you may receive an email asking you to approve the changes. Changes can be approved via the Resource Editor Skills tab.

Example Email

This is the body of a typical email you will receive from Projector.

From: Projector PSA <>
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 5:18 AM
To: Jane Doe
Subject: You have skill updates from Tom Sherman awaiting your approval

 Dear Jane Doe,

Resource Tom Sherman has submitted skill updates for you to approve on 11-Apr-2014.

Skill updates:

- Fighting Skills: Ninjitsu from 4 to 5
- Fighting Skills: Karate from 4 to 5

Projector account: revcorp-email (revcorp-email)

This email was automatically generated. Please do not reply directly to this message.

Email Senders

This email is sent by the resource updating their skills on their My Profile page. A resource is only prompted to send an email if they have the general permission Resources can update their skills, with approval.

Email Recipients

The resource who updates their skills is prompted to email approvers on save. An approver is anyone who has the cost center permission Approve Skills for the resource's cost center.

Email Send Time

Emails are sent as soon as Submit is clicked.