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The Time Off area of Projector Web is used to view past time off, view future time off, and to request time off in the future. Which options are available to you depends on your installation configuration.

Time off requests are used for the future. It does not make sense to request time off for a sick day you took yesterday, but it does for the vacation you are planning next month. These requests are separate from time entry. Even if you request time off here, you will still need to visit time entry and enter the number of hours you took on a given day. Why don't we fill it in for you automatically? It is scheduled, isn't it?! Well, we have found that time off plans often change last minute,and rather than assuming how much time you took off on a given day, we ask that you explicitly enter it.

The Time Off view and request page is found by clicking Topics | Deliver | Time Off or by pointing your browser to

Permissions and Settings

Each resource has access to their Time Off page. Administrators with the cost center permission View Time Off Page for Others can also view a resource's page.

To enable time-off requests, see the general permission Resources can (time off)You can choose from

  • Read-only
  • Request
  • Book time off

Request Approval

Approvers for time off requests are:

To actually approve time off, go to Topics | Scheduled Time Off   

Actual approval

When a resource actually takes the time off, they'll enter it in time entry. Approvers for this time are:

Your minimum time off requesting granularity is determined by scheduling granularity. Time off can be scheduled in increments as small as 3 minutes and as large as 8 hours. Requests cannot be longer than 365 days.

Balances shown in the Remaining column are set on a per resource basis from the Time Off Reason Editor.

Zero Hours Requested

 If you receive the message "No work hours remain for the date range" then there are two likely explanations. First, that it is already a scheduled holiday based on your location. You can check by viewing that day in time entry. If the day is grayed out, it is a holiday. Second, you already have a request in for that day.

Time Off

The screen is broken down into three subsections. 

Historical and Future Time Off

Shows all the actual time off you took as of last week. Shows all the future time off you have scheduled from this week on. If a time off reason has tracking enabled then you'll see values in the Remaining column. The value can be positive or negative.

Request Time Off

Only available if time off requests are enabled for your user. Enter the date range you would like off, the reason, the length of time, and an optional comment. On add, you'll be prompted to email a designated approver with your request.



Time Off Requested

Displays a list of all your time-off requests from today on. If you would like to see the status of older requests, tick the checkbox Show older requests. Results are shown through Jan 1 of the previous year.

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