Approved time and cost cards are not available for invoicing

When creating invoices, or when trying to add time and cost cards to an existing invoice, you cannot find them. Why aren't they showing up?

Fixed Price

Check the contract terms to see if they are Fixed Price. The invoice creation wizard does not include fixed price time/cost. Make sure you look at the actual contract terms and not the engagement type. Sometimes people change the terms, but forget to change the type. This causes a situation where your type is "T&M," but the terms are actually Fixed Price.

If you have fixed price cost cards, they do need to be pulled into an invoice eventually. See How to clear deferred revenue on fixed price cost contracts.

Already Invoiced

Check that the cards aren't already on an invoice. You can look at time card history or run a report to check.

Not Approved

Only time cards that are Approved, and cost cards that are Approved to Invoice will show up. Check the approval status and also check that you if you are using a report you aren't including unapproved expenses through a report flag.