Correcting transactions sent to an accounting system

If you have an accounting integration with Projector to QuickBooks, Great Plains, Sage50, SAP, etc - then one day you'll need to make some corrections. This page helps you understand how to make those corrections.

Before you read the solutions, make sure you understand why you are making the correction. There are two categories of corrections. The first, is if the data in Projector is incorrect. For example, the invoice amount is wrong, the expense amount was wrong, time cards were on the incorrect project etc. The second is when your accounting data is wrong. For example, my revenue was mapped to the wrong account number. The solutions to each problem are very different.



Correct Operational Data

Projector's accounting integration is meant to take care of itself. If you have incorrect operational data in Projector, all you need to do is correct it in Projector. We keep track of every accounting transaction and will make all the necessary corrections that your accounting package requires. The system is even smart enough to only send over logical changes. For example, let's say you approved to pay and then unapproved to pay an expense ten times. Rather than sending twenty transactions to QuickBooks, Projector only sends the net, real transaction over. You should never manually edit Projector accounting transactions, or manually modify/remove transactions in your accounting package to correct/match operational data. This causes the two systems to get out of sync and could result in a costly accounting reconciliation.

Correct Accounting Data

We've already talked about how to correct operational data, now we are going to talk about correcting accounting data. When your accounts are set up wrong, that is when you will need to manually edit Projector transactions and transactions in your accounting system. For example, the revenue account was incorrectly mapped to 1400 and should have gone to 4100. The data was successfully pushed into my accounting system. You will need to make several fixes.

  1. Delete the bad data out of your accounting system
  2. Correct the mappings in Projector
  3. Set the bad transactions back to pending
  4. Reapply mappings on the bad transaction
  5. Resend the data to your accounting system