Issue Invoice Form

The Issue Invoice Form allows you to make final modifications to the invoice number or date, post an invoice to the web, open for viewing, or save to disk. For more information please see the Issue Invoice / Credit Memo How To.

This form is reached from the Create/Save Invoice Confirmation form, and enables you to issue saved invoices.

Permissions and Settings

Who can issue invoices? The following people:

  • Anyone with the cost center permission Create and Issue Invoices for all engagements on the invoice
  • If the installation setting PM Can Issue Invoices is enabled and the PM is the PM for all projects on the invoice



Invoice / Credit Memo Number

This value will autopopulate based on your Number Customization. Optionally you can type in a new value depending on your installation settings. To change your installation settings, please contact the Projector support team.

Two issued invoices cannot have the same number. But you can void or delete an invoice and then re-use that number. However, we don't recommend this approach, especially if you have an accounting integration, because it causes confusion about which invoice is which. Rather, try appending -R1 or -R2 to indicate a reissue.

Set invoice dates to

Defaults to what the Invoice Date field is on the Invoice Editor MP - Invoice Tab. If that field is blank then today's date is used. You can use the calendar to pick a new issue date for the invoice (which updates the invoices itself). This date is used to determine the accounting period that the invoice issue transaction will be placed in when it is queued for transmission to the accounting system. This date is also used as the start date for payment terms, such as net 30.

Preview Invoice / Credit Memo

You can choose to immediately open the invoice for viewing or save it to disk. Saving to disk is useful for printing multiple invoices at once.

  • Open generated invoice – Opens the invoices as they are generated.
  • Save generated invoice(s) to – Save invoices to a local folder.

Post Invoice / Credit Memo to Project Workspace

Upload a copy of the invoice to Projector Web. See posting invoices to the web for more information.

Send E-mails

This option is available if you have the Invoice Distribution module enabled. An email for this invoice is mailed according to the settings on the Invoice Editor MP - Distribution Tab.

Post Invoice to Project Workspace

Check this box to have the issued invoice posted to the /wiki/spaces/docworkspace/pages/10321924 tab of the Project Workspace of the Employee Portal. If your Projector installation does not enable document storage this option will be grayed out.

Apply to All

When issuing multiple invoices at once, check this box to have the Invoice Date applied to all invoices.