How do I create and issue invoices in batches?

For organizations that process many invoices, it is extremely useful to process these in batches. Projector allows you to easily create and issue invoices in groups. The process begin on the Invoices tab by clicking on the Create Invoices button. This opens a Create New Invoices form where invoices can be created for every client/engagement/project/PO number (invoice scope) in your organization. Or, using the various parameters on the form, the potential new invoices can be filtered down to a desired grouping.

Once your parameters are set clicking on the Query button will return a row for each possible new invoice. You can pick and choose the invoices you want to create or click on the Check All button to select all rows for invoice creation. Next, click on the Create Invoices button and Projector will create new invoices automatically. The Create New Invoices form will close and return you to the Invoice Browser. You will need to run a fresh query on the Invoice Browser to find your newly created invoices.

After you have reviewed, updated and approved invoices the final step is to issue them. Issuing an invoice will lock down the elements of the invoice, create the AR and G/L financial transactions and finalize any and all billing adjustments. To issue a group of approved invoices you can use the Shift key or Cntl key to select the desired invoices. Use the Shift key to select all invoices within a range of invoices or use the Cntl key to highlight only those invoices desired. Once selected, right-click on the invoices and choose the Issue Invoice(s) option. Projector will display the Issue Invoice Form for each invoice to be issued.