Whitelist Domains and IP Addresses

Some organizations must whitelist our websites and servers so that they are accessible behind VPNs or company firewalls. This page describes which items you will need to whitelist.


What to whitelist to allow access to Projector websites and software products. We recommend that you whitelist by IP address if possible. IPs are the most likely to stay consistent. If that is not possible, please use Domain names instead.

IP Whitelist

IPSubdomains, secure2, app, app2, m, m2, doc, doc2, app3, m3, doc3, app4, m4, doc4




Domain Whitelist

If possible, just use a wildcard to whitelist all of these domains at once. For example, *.projectorpsa.com.


Whitelist emails from Projector, Projector's critical partners, and Projector employees.

Projector Software Emails

These are emails sent by our software product through the email provider AuthSMTP


Support Emails

Elementool provides our Help Desk tool. Email arrives from support@projectorpsa.com 

  • alternate IP's: or
  • mail.elementool.com

Staff Emails

Emails from Projector Staff – We use Office365 for emails from our internal employees like john_doe@projectorpsa.com. Office365 does not send emails from a single, static IP address. So you will need to whitelist

  • *@projectorpsa.com

Invoice Emails

Projector can send emails on behalf of users in your domain. For example, we can send email as tom@yourcompany.com. Many organizations verify SPF records before they'll allow emails through that are sent on behalf of another company's domain. We recommend the following SPF records are added for your domain.

  • include:authsmtp.com

About SPF Records - https://www.authsmtp.com/faqs/faq-65.html

Check your SPF record - http://www.kitterman.com/spf/validate.html (enter your domain in the first form and validate)

Projector also supports DKIM. If you wish to enable DKIM for your installation, please contact Projector support.

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