How come my invoice adjustments don't show up in my reports

You may have noticed that when you ran a report it did not match the numbers that you were expecting. This could be because you made card adjustments on a draft invoice. Projector does not consider adjustments on a draft invoice "real" until it is issued. This way you know that as you experiment with which adjustments are best, you are not distorting the reports or dashboards for other users. An issued invoice indicates without a doubt that everyone has agreed on the modifications. 

If you need adjustments to display in dashboards and reports before the invoice is issued then you can still do so. You'll have to make the changes using pre-invoicing adjustments instead though. To do so, exclude the time/cost that needs adjusting from the invoice. Make the adjustments using pre-invoicing adjustments, and then pull them back onto the original invoice.

There are two invoice adjustments that are excepted from the above rule, splits and project transfers. These are executed as soon as the invoice is saved.