Create Blank Invoices or Credit Memos Form

Creates a draft invoice that contains no time, expenses or milestones.This form is reached from the Invoices tab by clicking Create Blank Invoices or Credit Memos button from the multi-select drop down.

A blank invoice and a credit memo are the same thing. They contain no time cards, no cost cards and no milestones. They are often used for pre-billing retainers and issuing credit memos to clients. The new invoices are created in Draft status. After they are created you can use the invoice editor to add creditable items or billable items.

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Search string

Type text related to the desired invoice into the Search string field. This will search in client, engagement and project fields.

Cost center

Filters results on the selected cost center and all of its children cost centers

Engagement type

Filters results on the selected engagement type

Check/Uncheck All

Toggle selection state of each row in the grid

Create Invoices

Create a draft invoice for each selected row in the grid