Issue Invoice / Credit Memo

This page teaches you how to issue an invoice or many invoices at once. When an invoice is issued several things happen on Projector's end.

Before an invoice can be issued it must first be approved. See Approve Invoice.

Permissions and Settings

The following people can issue an invoice:

  • Anyone with the cost center permission Create and Approve Invoices for the invoice's cost center
  • Project Manager who is PM for all projects on this invoice and the installation setting PM Can Issue Invoices is enabled

Before an invoice can be issued it must first be approved

The accounting period must be open for AR to issue an invoice.

Invoices can be uploaded to Projector Web. Uploaded documents use storage space and incur storage fees.

Invoices can be emailed to clients.

Invoices can be sync to your accounting system.


On issue the following things occur:

  • Assign an invoice number
  • Render the invoice
  • Prevent financial changes from being made to the invoice. See Preview / Re-Render Invoice to learn exactly what's locked down.
  • Queue an accounts receivable transaction for transmission to the accounting system
  • Optionally email the invoice to the client
  • Optionally download the invoice to your computer
  • Optionally upload the invoice to Projector Web

From invoice search select all invoices you need to issue and click Issue Invoices. There is a default search called Unissued Invoices to help you identify these. 

Or, from an open invoice click Issue under the Manage dropdown list.

The following confirmation dialog is displayed. Click Issue to finish. If you are issuing multiple invoices at once then the same settings are applied to all invoices. Settings are explained in the table below.



Invoice / Credit Memo Number

Your invoice is automatically assigned a sequential number on issue based on your installation settings. You can override that number from this field.

You can't have two issued invoices with the same number, but you can void or delete an invoice and re-issue with the same number. We don't recommend this approach because it causes confusion about which invoice is which. Rather, try appending -R1 or -R2 to indicate a reissue.

When issuing multiple invoices overrides are not available. You need to issue one at a time in that case.

Default invoice numbers use the format INV12345. Customize that format through Number Customization. Some common customizations are indicating the year of issue. For example, INV21-0033.

Set invoice dates to

Defaults to the Invoice Date set on the invoice summary tab. If not specified then today's date is used.

This date determines the accounting period for the AR transaction. The period must be open for AR.

This date is used as the start date for payment terms, such as net 30.

Upload to Project Workspace

Upload a copy of the invoice to Projector Web. Uploaded documents use storage space and incur storage fees. Typically used so clients can log into Projector and access their invoices or so your project delivery team can review invoices. Another approach here is to include these people as email recipients of the invoice.

Distribute to email recipients

This option is available if you have the Invoice Distribution module enabled. An email for this invoice is sent to the people specified on the billing details tab.

Download a copy to this computer

You'll be prompted to download each invoice you generated as separate files

Send notification email to:

Send an email with a link to this invoice to your FM, PM, or Management approvers. You can see an example email here - Invoice has been modified and is awaiting your review