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Schedule and approve when this resource has time-off. This is then factored in when schedulers are assigning resources to projects. They will be able to see in advance when someone is out-of-office and make sure they keep their schedules clear on those days. Some commonly scheduled reasons to be out of office are vacation time, jury duty, or personal days. You don't need to enter unscheduled time-off like a sick day, because by this point it is probably well past any scheduling needs.

Even though this time is scheduled, resources are still expected to enter the time in time entry. For example, if I am scheduled for a week of Jury Duty, I still need to log into Projector time entry and log eight hours against Jury Duty every day. The reason for this is that scheduled time off plans can change last minute. We want to avoid project managers spending all their time tweaking resource days off when it is really meant to prevent scheduling conflicts.

Resources have the option of requesting their time off through Projector Web.

Scheduled time-off functions just like booked hours on a project. You may be expected to work a certain number of hours in the future, but nothing forces you to.

Scheduled time-off is different than Holiday time-off. Holidays are defined by a resource's location and the resource does not have to enter time on those days. That's because most people don't work on holidays, and again we are trying to minimize administration work in the system.


To view scheduled time off you must have the at least one of the following cost center permissionpermissions Browse

  • View Resources


  • Maintain Resources


  • Approve and Maintain


  • Scheduled Time


  • Off

To edit scheduled time off you must have the cost center permission Approve and Maintain Resource Scheduled Time -offOff.

Add time-off reasons from the Time Off Reason Editor.

Resources can request their own time off from the Request Time Off page as long as their user profile has the general permission Resources Can Request/Book Time Off enabled.