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displays all the invoice templates available in your installation. From here you can choose to enable or disable templates, modify existing templates, create new templates, modify names, descriptions and the order of templates in Projector drop down lists

titleAdditional Resources

The Topic of the Day:Invoice Templates Customization webinar provides a general overview of Projector’s invoice template editor, as well as guidance on common customizations. (go to 6:00)


Invoice templates determine how your printed invoices are displayed. The template manager is where you control template availability, edit templates, and rename templates.




Create a new, empty template


Click to give the template a new name or description


Open the current template in the Template Editor. If you want to create a new template based on an existing one, then press the edit button on the existing template. The old template will open in the DevExpress Report Designer. Choose Save As. You will be prompted to enter the name and description for the new template.

Move Up / Move Down

When users pick a template either through the invoice editor, engagement billing tab, or client editor, they use a dropdown list. The order of the templates in that dropdown list is determined by the order on this screen. Use the Up/Down arrows to reorder templates.


Create a New Template

To create a brand new, empty template, click New from the template manager. Then click Save or Save As from the template editor.